23. Setting the Scene

The colony that Columbus founded on Hispaniola was by this point, well and truely up and running. While it only occupied a tiny part of what would become Spanish America, the foundations for empire were being laid.

Today we take a step back from the story and look at what these foundations looked like. There were three things that would have a profound impact on the Spanish empire, The Treaty of Tordesillas, the conquistador model of conquest and the competing motivations of the various Spanish actors. This episode examines them all.

Dancing Statues in Mexico.

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22. Columbus’ Third Journey

Columbus’ third voyage was less about exploration and more about the governance of his fledgling colony. Despite this he would reach the American mainland for the first time and venture further south than he had before. Meanwhile, things in the colony were not going well and things were slipping out of Columbus’ control.

Image via: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/9/9b/Columbus_third_voyage.jpg

20. Columbus’ First Journey

After years of trying, Columbus had finally secured funding to set off across the Atlantic. What happened next is known to almost everyone in Western world. Columbus reached the Americas and began the process of European colonisation.

The details of his journey however, are rather less known and this episode tells its story. Along the way he will face storms, hostile foreign governments, natives and insubordination from his crew.

A map of Columbus’ voyage. Image via https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/1/18/Columbus_first_voyage.jpg

19. Who Was Christopher Columbus?

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Everyone knows that Columbus started the colonial era by travelling to America, but not many know much more about him. In this episode we will look at the various theories as to who he was, and how he ended up persuading the Spanish royalty to back his voyage.

Christopher Columbus

18. The Iberians – Part 2

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Having looked at the general history, this episode we hone in on the events that led up to the discovery of the Americas. We cover the war of Castilian succession and why it was so important for the future of the Americas – despite the fact that they had not been ‘discovered’ yet. Along the way we will encounter family feuding, incest and scheming which would make Game of Thrones look tame.

The Portuguese city of Porto. Located in the country’s north, before the reconquista was completed, this city was an important stronghold for the Portuguese counts and kings.

17. The Iberians – Part 1

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This episode provides a lightning fast run down of Iberian history up to the 1400s. We will also start to unpack how this history influenced the Spanish and Portuguese cultures and national characters. These influences would go on to determine how they behaved in the new world.



The Alhambra in Granada was where the last muslim emir in Iberia ruled from. It is a beautiful Islamic palace with Christian architecture added in later years
Another Moorish building which was later occupied by the Christian Iberians is the castle at Sintra near Lisbon.

16. Brazil and the Southern Cone

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This episode sees us wrapping up our look at pre-Columbian history. We will cover the peoples of Brazil, Paraguay and the Southern cone before conducting a brief analysis of the major themes that have emerged from looking at the indigenous peoples of the Americas.

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The Brazilian coastline where the Tupi peoples lived

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The Mexico Earthquake Fundraising Episode

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