8. Central America, Colombia, and the Caribbean

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There is a bit of a blank spot in most people’s maps when it comes to Central America. We know about the Aztec and the Inca but what was going on in between?

There were actually several advanced societies in the region, with historians even placing one in the same category as the Mesoamerican and Andean cultures. This episode will outline some of them, as well as discussing language families and how they help us work out who is related to who (and how they got to the places they are today).

Colombia’s Tayrona National Park. Named after its original inhabitants.

7. The Maya part 2

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The Mayan peoples are well known for their advanced civilisation. They created a complex calendar, had a writing system, and possessed a vibrant and fascinating religion. This episode will examine their cultural achievements as well as discussing the various theories as to why they collapsed.

Templo de la Cruz at the Mayan city of Palenque