The Mexico Earthquake Fundraising Episode

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Last week Central Mexico was hit by an earthquake which killed hundreds of people and damaged as many buildings. I will be releasing a special episode within the next two weeks which will come at a one off cost of US$5. The money used to purchase the episode will go to the Mexican Red Cross, and will help them in their efforts to rebuild. The episode can be purchased using the Patreon link below.

The special episode will cover a century of Mayan history and tell one of the most fascinating stories in Mexican history. It is a tale of rivalry, war and city building. It is the story of great leaders trying to out do each other in war, diplomacy and culture.

It’s win-win as for a small price you will get access to the episode and your money will go towards a good cause.

Thank you for your generosity.

Patreon page –

The Mexican Red Cross’ earthquake campaign – – The page is only available in Spanish but English speakers can read more on the international Red Cross’ website

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